ID 3753610132
last update 13.12.2019
Latitude 51.5166912
Longitude -0.1404780
City London
Housenumber 60-62
Postcode W1W 8TF
Street Margaret Street
Amenity Bank
atm No
brand GT Bank
Name Conga EMEA
Office Company
Phone +44 207 947 9700
Website https://www.gtbankuk.com/
Streets Great Portland Street Margaret Street Market Place Little Portland Street Eastcastle Street Great Titchfield Street Market place Margaret Court
Postcodes W1W 8QJ W1W 8QN W1W 8QD W1W 8QT W1W 8AH W1W 8AG W1W 8AD W1W 8SG W1W 8AX W1W 8DY W1W 7JE W1W 7JD W1W 8AJ W1W 8TF W1W 8SR W1W 8RN
Cities London
admin_level_8 City of Westminster
admin_level_4 England
admin_level_2 United Kingdom
Timezone Europe/London
Flag Flag
Currency GBP
admin_level_6 London
admin_level_5 Greater London

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