ID 5545009802
last update 09.12.2020
Latitude 51.3950096
Longitude -0.2378198
City New Malden
Housenumber 341-345
Postcode KT3 6JF
Street West Barnes Lane
automatic_door No
door hinged
Name Ecklee
Opening hours Mo-Su 08:00-21:00
payment:cash Yes
payment:mastercard Yes
payment:visa Yes
Phone +44 20 8715 3420
Shop Supermarket
Website https://www.ecklee.co.uk/
Streets West Barnes Lane
Postcodes KT3 6JF
Cities New Malden
admin_level_8 London Borough of Merton
admin_level_4 England
admin_level_2 United Kingdom
Timezone Europe/London
Flag Flag
Currency GBP
admin_level_6 London
admin_level_5 Greater London

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