Mt Kuring-Gai Medical Centre in None

Mt Kuring-Gai Medical Centre
Pacific Highway 757

Opening Hours:

unfortunately we don't have information about opening hours


for your navigation system -33.6561757°, 151.1343654°.

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ID 6859352788
last update 06.05.2020
Latitude -33.6561757
Longitude 151.1343654
Housenumber 757
Postcode 2080
addr:state NSW
Street Pacific Highway
Suburb Mount Kuring-Gai
addr:unit 5
alt_name Mount Kuring-Gai Medical Centre
Amenity doctors
contact:phone +61 2 9457 7588
healthcare doctor
Name Mt Kuring-Gai Medical Centre
Streets Pacific Highway
Postcodes 2080
admin_level_2 Australia
Flag Flag
Default language English
admin_level_4 New South Wales
admin_level_10 Mount Kuring-Gai
admin_level_7 Sydney
admin_level_6 The Council of the Shire of Hornsby

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